Why Flap Discs from TAF Abrasives USA

In the late 1960’s TAF Abrasivi engineers pursued an ambitious project of designing a new type of disc that would continuously expose a fresh new grinding surface instead of continuing to wear down a single layer of abrasive as common to cloth and paper discs used with a backing pad. It was this innovative project that led to the introduction of the original flap disc, for which TAF Abrasivi was awarded a patent in 1966 (Patent 704640, dated April 22, 1966) and then forever changed the future of the abrasives industry.

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Our commitment to quality starts with defining the most rigorous guidelines for raw materials, process, procedures and quality monitoring. We are proud of our state-of-the-art maker, conversion operations and commitment to a quality management system certified to ISO 9001: 2015. Every stage of our business ecosystem functions with a comprehensive set of guidelines, procedures and audits to assure that we meet the desired specifications for our products and service. Commitment to “total performance” you can rely on and we live by.

With extensive R&D, proprietary formulations and a sophisticated manufacturing process, we produce the unmatched abrasive cloth material for the flap disc.
— Andrea Bassani, Export Manager, TAF Abrasivi

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